Casper's Father is a minor character featured in the cartoon " Casper´s Birthday Party produced by famous studio, he never made another apearance apart from this episode, He is Casper's unnamed father and the husband of Casper´s Mother

Note: Not to be confused with JT McFadden , since the old cartoons and the 1995 movie take place in different universes.

Story: Edit

Casper was originally supposed to be a deceased human in his earlier cartoons, in some later stories Ghosts are not deceased humans but some different species of magical beings, making Casper the son of a ghost couple. Casper's Father is seem sleeping in his bed during the first moments of the episode "Casper's Birthday party", later he sings the show's opening song with the rest of ghosts at casper's party, Little is known about Casper's father since he only made one appaerance and he didn'r even speak.