Casper's Scare School is an American-French-Indian computer animated TV film based on the Harvey Comics cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost. It was produced by Moonscoop and released by Classic Media and premiered on October 20, 2006. It has a TV series of the same name in 2009. It also has a video game of the same name.


As a result of Casper being too friendly when playing with a boy named Jimmy, Kibosh: The King of the Underworld has Casper enrolled into a Scare School headed by the two-headed headmaster Alder and Dash. He befriends Ra, a mummy with unraveling issues and Mantha, a zombie girl who keeps falling apart. When Casper discovers the two-headed headmaster's plot to use a petrification potion to turn Kibosh into stone and take over the Underworld and Deedstown, he and his new friends must stop him.


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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Casper movie not to be a feature film or a direct to film instead it is a television Film.
  • The ghost character designs are different from the other movies.
  • This is the first Casper movie to involved Classic Media.
  • This is the only Casper film not to be released by a major movie studio.

Television seriesEdit

Casper's Scare School: The Animated Series is an animated series based on the computer film Casper's Scare School starring Casper the Friendly Ghost. The series is brodacasted these days on YTV Canada and will air in Cartoon Network UK.

Comic bookEdit

In March 2011, Ape Entertainment announced that they will be publishing a Casper's Scare School comic book beginning in October 2011.[1]

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