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Unknown Mother
Unknown Father
Stretch (Adopted Uncle)
Stinkie (Adopted Uncle)
Fatso (Adopted Uncle)
Chris Carson (Best Friend)
Tim Carson (Ally)
Sheila Fistergraff (Ally)
Wendy (Love Interest)
Gert (Ally)
Gabby (Ally)
Fanny (Ally)

Portrayed by:

Jeremy Foley (Voice)


Casper: A Spirited Beginning
Casper Meets Wendy

Casper is the main protagonist of the direct-to-video live-action films: Casper: A Spirited Beginning and Casper Meets Wendy. He is voiced by Jeremy Foley.

Biography Edit

Ghost Train and Deedstown Edit

In the spirit world, Casper was heading to the Ghost Central on a train with a skull head. Casper was confused to his whereabouts and is unaware by the fact that he is a ghost. He was thrown out of the train by one of the passengers whom he ask about his whereabouts. Casper found himself in the real world in a small town called Deedstown where he unintentionally scare a town full of people which lead to his realization that he is a ghost.

Meeting a Friend Edit

Casper met with a 10 year old boy name Chris Carson who has a love for ghosts and befriended Casper. Chris then took him to his hide out called the Applegate Mansion where the Ghostly Trio lives. Chris gave Casper some lessons in being a ghosts by covering him in a sheet. They then met with the Ghostly Trio who Chris introduces them to Casper. The Trio discovered how unique Casper, for never going to ghost training therefore never having to put up with Kibosh, so they intend to used Casper to prove themselves to Kibosh, so Kibosh would stop chasing them, but they were eased dropped by Kibosh’s assientant Snivel who heard every and warn Kibosh.

Training Edit

Casper’s first lesson was going through the stealth mode, which means going invisible. Casper managed it successfully on his first try. However, he manage to fail when it comes to scaring because of his nice attitude, leaving the Trio with no choice, but to kick him out.

The next morning Casper visited Chris and tells him that he is leaving town, after his failure with the Trio. Chris insisted on helping Casper himself. Chris took Casper to school and thought him some lessons in an old spook book. Casper successfully passed all the lessons that Chris had thought him and humiliated a school bully in the process.

Saving a Store Owner Edit

Excited with his new found powers, Casper tested them out on a thug who was robbing a grocery store. The store owner thanked him for saving his life, leading Casper to decide to use his powers to help out others.

Preparing Dinner Edit

Later that night, Casper went into Chris’s house as they were preparing dinner for Chris’s father, Tim Carson’s arrival. With dinner set up, Chris insist on Casper to wait by his window, so he can introduce his father to him. The plan failed when Casper was taken back to the Applegate Mansion by the Ghostly Trio, who found out about his good deeds he has given to others town and intend to stop by any means necessary, but Casper eventually escaped.

Meeting Tim Carson Edit

The next morning, he went to Chris house in attempted to apologized, but found Tim who was frighten by him at first, until Casper told him that he is Chris’s best friend. Tim came to the conclusion that he is Casper when Chris mentioned his name the night Casper was taken. Tim told Casper that Chris ran away after he and Chris had an argument for not believing in his son about Casper and thinks he has an over react of imaginations, but Casper encouraged Tim to find him, so Casper and Tim both team up to find Chris. Casper assumed that Chris is at the Applegate Mansion, but Tim warned him that it will exploded, so Casper rushed out to warn Chris.

The Bomb and Kibosh Edit

Casper found Chris looked inside a closet, by the bully he humiliated along with his friends. Casper and Chris tried to break the door opened as the bomb, planted by Bill Case was rigged to blow. Tim manage to break in and get Chris out to safety with Casper deciding to stay so he can deal with the bomb.

With only a few seconds, Casper swallowed the bomb as it exploded in his stomach while being confronted by Kibosh. Casper saved the mansion leaving Bill Case in defeat and Kibosh amazed by his techniques to which Casper explained that the Trio taught him leaving the Trio with the idea to have Casper be their nephew, and Kibosh let them go in peace.

The Friendly Ghost Edit

Later, Tim who had been wanted to take down the mansion decided to let Casper and the Ghostly Trio have it for keeps. Chris then have a girl named Jennifer meet Casper as she was frighten. Chris happily explained to Casper that he like the affect he had on people. Casper decided to have a new name for himself called Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Afterlife with The Ghostly Trio Edit

Ever since Casper was living under the wings of his three new guardians, The Ghostly Trio, they’ve done nothing more than scaring others and mistreating their nephew, by having him do choirs for them.

One evening in a baseball game, Casper tried to calm the crowd down after being scared off by his uncles, but they unfortunately ran away due to Casper being a ghost. The Ghostly Trio then decided to have a relaxing vacation, for all their accomplishment with Casper having to due their choirs. They went into a place called Sunnybrite Resorts where they scared off a happy couple, and making Casper’s afterlife miserable.

Meeting Wendy Edit

Casper decided to go to a barn where he meets a little girl who turns out to be a witch name Wendy who was also going through the same treatment with her bewitching aunts. Realizing that they have a lot in common, Casper and Wendy became good friends.

After having a good time in the resort together, Casper and Wendy came to the conclusion that ghost and witches are each other’s worst enemies, so they came up with a plan for their elders to get along.

The Dance Edit

Casper had his uncles possessed three human beings who resembles them and have them meet with Wendy’s aunts, to which they instantly fell for.Casper took Wendy outside and they dance into the beautiful night as they were being stalk by a boy Wendy had come into bad terms with, which lead to Casper believing that their was something going on between them.

They soon discovered that their plan had failed when the Ghostly Trio were losing control of the humans they possessed as they were being confronted by witches where the head witch Gert attempt to use her powers on them causing the them to flee.

Breaking a Promise Edit

Later, Wendy told Casper that she was on the run from an evil warlock named Desmond Spellman who intends on destroying her by using a magic portal called the Mystic Abyss.

She also tells Casper not to tell his uncles about them not using magic because if they did Desmond will track them in his radar, but Casper broke his promise when he was trying to stand up to his uncles which lead to him accidentally spilling the beans.

After being flushed by the Trio, Casper came out of the sewers to warn Wendy, but it turns out that they beat him to it leaving Wendy with no choice, but to use her wand against them leading Desmond to know her location. She threatens Casper leave, after breaking his promise to her.

Confronting Desmond Spellman and Saving Wendy Edit

Casper returned when Wendy and her aunts were captured by Desmond and his henchmen. Casper confronted the evil warlock to let Wendy go, but was outmatched by his powers.

Casper returned once again with Wendy’s wand that was taken by Josh and his friend right after she used it on the Ghostly Trio. Right when she used it on Desmond, it had very little affect as he used his magic and dragged her to the Abyss. Casper dived in to save her as Desmond attempted to close the wall on them. He was then confronted by a three eyed monster who turned out to be the Ghostly Trio who used their ghost powers and defeated the warlock.

With a last dish effort, the Trio and Wendy’s aunts gotten Casper and Wendy out of the Abyss as Casper and Wendy fell unconscious.

Aftermath Edit

They each woke up which gratifies their elders knowing that they are okay. Desmond’s Oracle in the mirror told them that Wendy is now the greatest witch for befriending a ghost.

Casper and Wendy says their goodbyes and his uncles deciding to due Casper’s choirs for once.

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