Casper 2 is a cancelled sequel movie to the first Casper that would have been Produced by Amblin Entertainment and The Harvey company Entertainment and Released by Universal Pictures. The movie would have Directed By Simon Wells.

Trivia Edit

Phil Nibbelink the animation director of the first Casper movie had directed An American Tail 2 Fievel Goes West with Simon Wells.

Daniel Jeanette,Jeffrey Varab and Eric Schmidt were also animators on the first movie. The Plot For Casper 2 Is About A Hispanic Boy Named Victor Mcfadden Played By Manny Stovall Who Visits His Brother Casper's House Whipstaff Manor To See Each Other Again. Along With Casper's Girlfriend Kathleen "Kat" Harvey Kat's Father Dr. James Harvey and Casper's Uncles The Ghostly Trio. Kat Harvey Was The Protagonist In Casper 2. A Video Game For The Sequel Would Have Been Published By Rockstar Games and Developed By Rockstar North and Would Have Been Released In Nov. 27th 2003 For The Playstation 2 and May. 30th 2004 For The Original Xbox and June 1st PC and July. 7th 2005 For The Mac Os. The Casper 2 Video Game Would Have Been Directed By Simon Wells and Produced By Manhunt Producer Andy Hay and Would Have Been A Spiritual Prequel To Manhunt. The Genre For Casper 2 Would Have Been Psychological Action Adventure Horror Comedy and Fantasy.

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