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Casper can find the mysterious of the ghostly human girl and figure that they're related.

Plot Edit

Once upon a time there was a half ghost and a half human and it's called "The Ghostly Human Girl", and her named is Jade and she was trained to scare and picked on fleshies. But her allies came to help her to scare everyone in Deedstown. But Casper and his best friend, Kat Harvey came and see those ghosts humans scared people, because Jade is an halfa human-ghost to do something bad to them. When Casper begin to fight with Jade, he asks her if he seems her somewhere before, she looks familiar to him and Jade told him the samething but not as in spirits so she pushed him down. Jade and her gang have to return to their master in the lair immediately.

Casper and Kat have to return to their home, Whipstaff manor to tell her father, Dr. James Harvey and his uncles, Fatso, Stinkie and Stretch about the ghostly human girl, but Mia Risley and her adopted father came and tell them about the ghostly human girl and she is Casper's sister. But Casper didn't knows that he had a sister. Mia told him that before one of them became a ghost Casper's parents are divorced so Jade lived with her mother and Casper lived with his dad but not anymore because he is now a ghost and lived with his uncles. But she and Casper were orphans now so Casper and Kat need help from Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost and take them to see Jade immediately.

Meanwhile, Jade and her gang made their way to see their master, Sigmondo Alvero who's very angry because a regular ghost who's not scary has stopped Jade from causing Deedstown, but Casper told him that Jade cannot scare everyone in Deedstown because she's his sister. Jade didn't realize that she had a long lost brother who is now a ghost after he lost his father just she lost her mother, and Kat replied her and Casper that they both have some long lost siblings after their parents are deforce and never seen each other again.

When the gang have to take Jade back to Whipstaff manor, Sigmondo was very angry because his assistant is related to the regular ghost so he's decided to get rid of Casper, with him out of the way Sigmondo can have Jade back. Suddenly, there is a magic mirror and it's telling him that the young lady has been plotting to get rid of monsters and ghosts at Scare School by her evil magic but Kibosh save everyone and vanished her into the mystic abyss, that gives Sigmondo an idea so he then have a plan to destroy a friendly ghost.

Later Casper, Kat and Spooky show Jade how she remembers everything at Whipstaff manor but it seems like a strange place from her dream and she saw her mother's dress (which Kat wear for the party) and also see Casper's sledboard and he told Jade everything how did he become a ghost during a sled ride all day and got sick and his father got very sad. Jade told Casper that she lost her mother too after she became a ghostly human girl, it was all started when she was a normal human or a mortal girl her mother gave her a surfboard for her birthday and she was surfing all day but her mother told her that's enough but she couldn't stop it while she was having so much fun, then it got very dark, Jade got very sick and her mother got so sad.

Casper and Kat feel sorry about Jade, so they decided to get her to find a way to get her family back but Jade told them that she have Casper as her brother when they are alive, Casper told her that he has three uncles if she would like to meet them, and Jade would love too, so they went downstairs and

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