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Join Casper and his Harvey's gang in the clubhouse where everyone dance and play along.

Main Characters Edit

Recurring Roles Edit

Guest Stars Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. Welcome to the Clubhouse
  2. The Vision of All
  3. Slumber Party
  4. Learn to Ballet
  5. Music Makes the World Go Round
  6. Audrey Lose Her Tooth
  7. The Lost Treasure
  8. Casper and the Church of Paris
  9. Rich and Poor
  10. Friends in Every Books
  11. Learn to Tell the Truth
  12. Return to the Present
  13. Crystal and the Demon
  14. Meet Kurt Harvey
  15. Spooktacular with the Witches
  16. Let's Use Our Imagination
  17. Let's Go Under the Sea
  18. Thankful on Thanksgiving
  19. Katnip's Birthday
  20. The Kingdom of Mexico
  21. Mia and Nigel's Mission
  22. The Good, the Bad and the Spectral
  23. Jolly Holiday
  24. Let's Go See the Fireworks
  25. Be My Valentine
  26. Ancestors of Von Trapp Family
  27. Herman Made a Vow
  28. Casper Vs. Jean Morris
  29. Mother Goose Rhymes
  30. Musical Adventures
  31. We Missed You Baby Huey
  32. The Magic of Pegasus
  33. County's Fair
  34. Casper and the Moon Visit
  35. Baby Huey's Child-Like Play
  36. The Spirits and the Magic Fish
  37. Special Olympic
  38. The Magic Kingdom
  39. Casper and Kat in Wonderland
  40. The Double Trick
  41. Fairies and Angels
  42. Richie Vs. Reggie
  43. Little Lotta's Room
  44. Party at Luau
  45. Jungle Safari
  46. The Forbidden Forest
  47. Little Dot Does Any Dots
  48. The Ghost and the Sorcerer
  49. Atlantis Discovering
  50. Dinosaur Rock n Roll
  51. Run Away "T"
  52. Casper Lost His Voice

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