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20th Century FoxA Ghostly ChristmasAlder and Dash
Amber' WhitmireAmelia HarveyAmwar 'Amber' Whitmire
BenjopulosBill FarmerBrock Lee
Brownie BearCara JonesCarrigan Crittenden
Casper's Haunted ChristmasCasper's Scare SchoolCasper's Scare School (TV series)
Casper: A Spirited BeginningCasper; Revenge of Queen BugarooCasper (Jeremy Foley)
Casper (film)Casper (film franchise)Casper 2 movie
Casper McFadden (Film Version)Casper Meets WendyCasper Origins
Casper The Friendly GhostCasper and the Ghostly TrioCasper and the Spectrals
Casper and the Treasury IslandsCasper in the NutcrackerCasper meet Crystal
Casper meets Wendy (film)Casper the Friendly GhostCasper the Friendly Ghost Wiki
CharactersChris CarsonChristina Ricci
Christopher Von TrappCrystal the Unsinging Little AngelDan Castellaneta
Desmond SpellmanDr. James HarveyEdward Harvey
Evil laughFannyFather
FatsoFay WhitmireFred Rogers
GabbyGeorge HarveyGeorge Whitmire
GertiGhost DudeGhostly Trio
GippoGrace HainesGramps
Hairy Scary GhostHanging Shaking CasperHazel and Spooky
Homer the Happy GhostHot Stuff's familyHot Stuff the Little Devil
JT McFaddenJameson BaltesJeremy Foley (actor)
John GoodmanJonahJosh Jackman
Kathleen "Kat" HarveyKeith FergusonKibosh
Kurt HarveyLackodemonsLazarus
Lex LangList of Casper's Scare School charactersLittle Audrey: The Movie
Louie the LionMarshwood Junior High SchoolMiranda Von Trapp
Mr. & Mrs. Bunny RabbitMr. OwlNightmare the ghost horse
Paul "Dibs" PlutzkerPearl (Poil)Peek A Boo Casper
Peter Von TrappPhyllis DillerPoil
ProfessorQueen BugarooQuincey
Ray StantzRichard WhitmireRobert Harvey
Ruby and Emerald the Double AngelsScatShowfiaboy
SnivelSpooky the Tuff Little GhostStinkie
StretchStumbo The GiantSusan Eisenberg
Thatch the Vampire BullyThe Harvey Entertainment CompanyThe Lazurus
The New Adventures of Casper and WendyThe Spooktacular New Adventures of CasperThe Up and At'em Machine
The scary doctorThere's Good Boos To-NightThis is a list of villains who wern,t defeated.
Timmy the Timid GhostTwiggyVain Unison
Victor "Vic" DePhilippiVolbraggWazzy
Wendy's AuntsWendy (Hilary Duff)Wendy (film)
Wendy the Friendly Red Hood WitchWendy the Good Little WitchWes Johnson
WheezyWhich is WitchWhipstaff Manor
Wildcat the Bad Little WitchWilliam DanielsZach Tyler Eisen
ZailoZero Mostel

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