Pearl (Poil)

Pearl  (or Poil to Spooky)   is a comic book character created by Harvey Comics that debut in the comic book Spooky #3 and she is also Spooky's "Half-wit girlfriend."

Spooky met Pear in the comic book Spooky #3, when he was trying to escape from  the truant officer who happened to be pearl's father, and he accidentally found Poil's house.

She is very often a supporting character in spooky comics, and she also appears in "the spooktacular new adventures of casper" and  "casper's haunted christmas".

Pearl, much like Spooky has a Brooklyn accent. Pearl often hates it when Spooky scares people since it gets in the way of their relationship.


She looks like a  blonde  ghost girl  with blue eyes and long hair.


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