Princess Charma is a fairy princess and also Hot Stuff's girlfriend, She made numerous appareances through Hot Stuff comics as a major character, in the fufure She married Hot Stuff.

Overview Edit

Charma is the Fairy queen's daughter, Hot Stuff's closest friend and main love interest, Both Fairies and devils dissaprove thier relationship and even have tried to separate them. As most of the other Harvey comics Characters, Charma lives at The Enchanted Forest, in a place Called Fairyland, in the The Harvey Lands.

Appearance Edit

Charma is a young beatiful fairy with blonde hair that wears a white dress (blue in some comics) She has blue eyes, and a pair of wing on her back. Unlike other fairies in media, Charma is as tall as a regular human.

Personality Edit

Most of the time Charma is good-hearted and polite , however sometimes she loses her temper, displaying a much volatile personality, just like Hot Stuff, Usually she Disapproves Hot Stuff's antics, but sometimes she seems attracted to the little devil's mischevious personality.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Flight; As any other fairy Charma is abl to Fly, by using the wings on her back.
  • Magic: Charma is a skilled magic user, able to cast a wide array of spells, usually she uses her magic wand to canalie her magic, however it is was shown in some comic, Charma doesn't really need her wand to cast powerful magic, however it seens to make the process easier.