Principal Rabie is a minor character that appeared in Casper: A Spirited Beginning. He is the principal of the Elementary School that Chris Carson attends to. He is portrayed by Richard Moll.

Casper: A Spirited Beginning Edit

Principal Rabie is the principal at the Applegate Elementary School. He has a very small role in the film. When a gang of bullies, led by Brock Lee attempt pull a prank by dropping a balloon full of gunk on Chris but landed on the school principal instead. Angered, Rabie attempt to put both Chris and Brock in detention, but when their teacher Sheila Fistergraff lied by saying that Chris was tardy, he agreed to let Chris go, and grabbed Leon, telling them to march.

One day, when Casper was training his ghostly powers at the school, by going through walls, he accidentally wind up in the restroom appearing before Rabie who sitting down in the toilet reading in his Newspaper, which caused Rabie screamed by Casper's presence as he threw his newspaper away, and started with his underwear with his pants sagging. He ran into one of the staffs and asked for his help; however, when she saw that he was only in his boxer, she freaked out and gave him a slapped across the face as he tipped over to the ground. His last scene was when he was talking with another staff member, explaining his previous scene, until Brock appeared rolling out on top of a book cart of the school's Library with a fire extinguisher strapped in his back (caused by Casper), hitting Rabie causing him to be covered in coppered. He grabbed Brock, and upon seeing the fire extinguisher, he told Brock that it was going on his permitted record, thus giving him another detention.

Trivia Edit

Principal Rabie is portrayed by Richard Moll, who would return in the Casper franchise a year later in the follow-up sequel Casper Meets Wendy portraying as Jules, one of Desmond Spellman's bumbling henchman.