Stumbo the Giant is a fictional Harvey Comics character. He lives right next to Tiny Town, and everyone in Tiny Town loves him, despite his tendencies to keep them awake with his loud snoring, or to shake up the town with his laughter or by accidentally stomping or falling on the ground. However, he never means to do these things and always has Tiny Town's best interests at heart. Among his best friends are Tiny Town's Officer O'Floodle and The Mayor.

Stumbo's creator is Warren Kremer, and the giant first appeared in 1957. He seldom had a comics series of his own and mostly appeared as a secondary character in Harvey's Hot Stuff comics. Stumbo used to crush houses by accident. And then he would diligently help them re-build, perhaps even better. His only enemy in Tinytown was Dr Cesspool who would never miss a chance to put the giant to shame in eyes of Tinytown's inhabitants or somehow embarrass him with various rays, so he can take over Tinytown. Stumbo always thwarts him, sometimes without even knowing. He also hates giants in general.[

The other side of his storage volcano was the base of a sly army of mischievous trolls who would always have an eye to taking over Tinytown, and of course their only obstacle being Stumbo who would turn them away every time. He has a little brother, Thumbo,[6] and a nephew, Chumbo.Stumbo was also friends with a Chinese giant. Stumbo had a cameo on the cover of Richie Rich v1 #39. Harvey Hits #78 had a supporting character that resembled John F. Kennedy.