• Dante hotspur

    After the recent and severe cases of vandalism on this wiki, I decided to block unregistred users,  I  really appreciate the work from some unregistred users,  but usually they are,  in fact, the source of most if the  vandalism on wikia.

    Undoing their vandalism  is  a lot of work,  I am really sorry  but if you want to edit this wiki, please create an account.

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  • Dante hotspur

    New updates on the wiki

    September 16, 2017 by Dante hotspur

    This is a short list of the Most relevant changes I have made as Admin:

    • Comments enabled
    • New logo
    • New header
    • Chat enabled
    • I created a new Template for characters:
    • New infobox for locations
    • New Design and background
    • Removed duplicated Some duplicated pages (Poil)
    • I will remove the "deceased" Catagory From Ghost characters profiles, since they are not necesary dead humans, plus they are sort of From know on, this category is reserved for character who died and never returned.
    • I Removed Unncesary Categories Such as "alive Characters" 
    • Housekeeping: I deleted 50 pages that were not even related to casper's franchice.
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  • Dante hotspur

    Hi I am your new Admin

    September 15, 2017 by Dante hotspur

    After a long adoption process, Wikia central finally granted me the rank of administrator, There are tons of work to do, first I will undo all the vandalism on the site, remove unnecesary pages and will add more info about the Harvey characters since their pages are really lacking.

    Then there are some points that need to be explained.

    1.- I probably will block unregistred users, since they are the ones that vandalize the wiki.

    2.- As any other wikia, fan fiction must be posted on blogs entries

    3.- I won't tolerate trolls, so watch your behavior

    4.-I will change  the site's interfare, since it appears to be really dated.

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  • Dante hotspur

    Adopting this wiki

    September 7, 2017 by Dante hotspur

    I am sure I am the only user who actually edits this wiki but I will do this anyway as everybody knows this wiki is pretty much forgotten, even worse the user who created the site never edited a single page.

    Basically the wiki is a mess there are tons of spam and vandalism As a Huge casper fan, I know a lot about the characters,so I would like to be admin, to put everything in order.

    So a I requested to wikia central community to adopt this wiki but I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter, please.

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