Volbragg is the former self-proclaomed ruler of Spookytown and the main villain of the comic Casper and the Spectrals.

Overview Edit

Willem George Volbragg was a cruel and power hungry man in his lifetime. When he was executed by the townsfolk he still seeks to take over New Amsterdam which is now New York, After his death he became the wicked entity know as Volbragg.


After being murdered, Volbrag's ghost came to Spooky town, thanks to the teachings of the Old Witch, He mastered powerful spells that allowed to obtain the powers of witches, ghosts and devils at once, making him one of the most powerful beings in casper's universe.Volbragg used his newly-acquiered powers to take over Spooky town, and become the self-proclaimed ruler of all the spectrals.

Powers and abilities Edit

Volbragg is truly one of the most powerful beings in Casper franchise, his might is far beyond any ordinary creature's, he was powerful enough to enslave a whole dimension inhabited by monsters, he is also one of the few beings able to "kill" a ghost, However he gets his powers from en external source, using human's fear as energy and later all the electricity of new york.

  • Superhuman strength: Given his size Volbragg is arguably strong enough to lift entire buildings, he also broke steel chains with ease.
  • Magic: According to the old witch Volbragg is a killed magic user that learnt many powerful spells
  • Energy projection: Volbragg is able to shoot energy blasts from his hands, according to Wendy, they are powerful enough to disintigrate even a ghost.
  • Copied abilities, according to The old witch Volbragg created an spell to obtain the powers of ghost, witches and devils which include the following powers:
  • Teleportation
  • Fight
  • Intangibility
  • Invisibility