Wendy's Aunts known as (Gert, Gabby and Fanny ) are three witches who were always using their magic powers to do wicked things unlike their niece Wendy the Good little Witch who was like Casper. In the Wendy comics her aunts are named Thelma, Velma and Zelma, who are three ugly old hags with green skin and warts on their face, unlike in the film "Casper Meets Wendy", her aunts look normal except when they are wearing their witch's garb.

In the movie "Casper Meets Wendy", Desmond Spellman, an evil warlock tries to destroy Wendy and her aunts after hearing Wendy is a more greater witch. Wendy and her aunts had to try to stop using magic so they wouldn't get caught.

Cathy Moriarty who appeared in the film "Casper" also played the head witch Gert.

In the comic "Wendy Witch World",and in "Casper Meets Wendy",Wendy and her aunts lived in a cottage in a haunted forest, where most stereotypical witches would be thought to live in.

Gert has yellow magic, Gabby has blue magic, Fanny has orange magic.