Wendy the little red witch and her three aunts Gerti, Gabby and Fanny the Witch Sisters have met a 14 year-old boy and his mother and his grandparents whose came to lived at the witches manor.

Plot Edit

Once upon a time, there was a warlock and a witch with her three sisters, Gerti, Gabby and Fanny and they helped their big sister and her husband take their baby daughter, Wendy. Then suddenly, an angry mobs came and they all came and harm those witches and warlock, but Wendy's parents told the Witch Sisters to take care of their daughter, while they stood up to those angry mobs. When they tried to stop them it was too late, the angry mobs catching Wendy's parents and begin to sacrifice them, but poor the Witch Sisters because Wendy's parents have died from angry mobs so they promised each others no mortals ever come near them and they also promised each others nothing else happened to their baby niece so they fly her to their new home where no mortals can find them.

On the present day, a 14 year-old boy Peter Von Trapp have came from school and he was coming home but then suddenly there two bad guys came and begin to kidnap him but Peter's mother Miranda Von Trapp a FBI agent came to save him, she beat up those bad guys and she takes her son to her car and she began to drive away from those bad guys. As those bad guys are trying to find them, Miranda jump up and grab them and call the others agents and arrested them. Peter thank his mother for saving him, so they went home to see Grandfather Christopher and Grandmother Emily.

At their home, Grandmother Emily was cooking something for dinner, but Grandfather Christopher was grumpy ever since his daughter husband died from car crash. Grandmother and Grandfather hard Miranda and Peter have come home and they told them that Miranda had saved Peter again but Grandpa was confused by his daughter who was always the FBI agent and always saving her son every time there bad guys try and take him away, Miranda told him that FBI is always her job. But tomorrow, Miranda and her son are going on a road trip and Grandma told them to watch out for witches, but Grandpa keep telling her, those witches are not real but Miranda and Peter believe them.

The next morning, Miranda and Peter have all of their suitcase in their car. Grandma and Grandpa waves goodbye to them and told them not to forget to write to make sure if they're okay and they promise. So Peter and his mother are on the road, and they are going to any to get something to eat and get gas, then they get back on the road, but they driving into a spooky forest and there some wolves trying to harm them, but Miranda uses her shuttle to hit those them and scared them away, but one wolf grab the shuttle out of Miranda hand and tried to harm her, then suddenly a little strange person who was flying on her broomstick, using her wand and scared all wolves away as Miranda did. After the little person on her broomstick scared those wolves away, she fly away.

Later, Miranda and Peter are still driving in the woods and they didn't know who was a strange person on her broomstick who saved them from those wolves, anyway they made their way to the castle where someone else had been living there years ago, Miranda and Peter went inside the castle and they turn on electricity and Peter was going to find his bedroom around the hallway until he found his new bedroom and Miranda brought her son package in there. Peter told his mother that he needs to decorate his new room while she decorated her new room too, and Miranda agreed with it and she left Peter new room.

When Peter was unpacking his suitcase, he hard a strange sound and Peter begin to look in the closet and he see a broomstick was floating out of the closet. Peter don't know where that broomstick come from and he also hard a voice and it was a little girl with a red hood and red clothes as a witch and her name is Wendy the little red witch and Peter begin to faith so Wendy call her broomstick to get a bucket of water to wake him up and it did. When Peter's eyes open and he saw a witch again and he began to scream. As Wendy hide after she hard Miranda's voice and she came and see her son is okay, and Peter told his mother that he saw a witch and she was little with red clothing, so Miranda checked out and she saw what her son saw was Wendy and she and her son ran out of the room and went hide in the closet.

In the closet, Miranda told Peter that he needs to stay in there while she handles the witch and Peter agrees with it. Wendy told her broomstick not to make a noise while there's mortals in the house, then suddenly her three aunts, Gerti, Gabby and Fanny came home from scary people, Wendy told them that she accidentally let two mortals in the house but her aunts told her that many times they don't want her to go near mortals, then the Witch Sisters went in and hard a mortal in the house and it was Miranda. The Witch Sisters scare her every hallways, but Miranda use her stick to fight them back and then she used her ropes to tie them up. Then Peter came and found his mother and she okay, so they both have to show those witches tomorrow.

This morning after having breakfast with the witches, Peter don't know what are the Witch Sisters are talking about that Wendy's parents have been killed by someone, Wendy told him that her aunts don't like to talk about her parents for a long time when Wendy was a baby witch and she never know what happened to them because her aunts never speak of them. Wendy and Peter took a ride on the broomstick and they fly around the world and they landed at the orphanage when Wendy wanted to chair the orphans up, every time when they get very sick and she offered them some pizza to make them feel better and they thank her for chairing them up. Peter didn't knows that Wendy is very good to mortals.

After Wendy and Peter got home from the flight, Peter told Wendy that his father died from car crash when he was 2 year-old, and his grandfather was angry because he wanted his daughter to be married all the time, but Wendy told Peter that he will have a new father someday and his grandfather won't be mad anymore. Later The Witch Sisters told Miranda the truth about Wendy's parents had been killed by her kind but they were angry mobs, but Miranda told them that this is the 21th century and she has a same problem as those witches did that her husband died from car crash and they understand that.

That night, Gerti have now to tell Wendy the truth about her parents, she told her when she was a baby, her parents died by human angry mobs and she, Gabby and Fanny didn't want to tell her about it for a long time, and they didn't want her to go near some mortals they might touch her too. But Wendy told her aunt that Peter and Miranda are not very bad mortals, they are so nice and some mortals are afraid of witches or ghosts. Gerti also said to Wendy, some ghosts are afraid of witches too. Then suddenly Wendy, Peter, Miranda and the Witch Sisters have hard a evil warlock, Quincey who haven't seen the Witch Sisters for a long time when Wendy was born, Gerti demanded Quincey to leave them alone immediately, but he told her that he won't, if he can have Peter Von Trapp. Miranda told Quincey what does he want her son for, Quincey told her that before they meet Wendy and her aunts, he ordered his men to capture him. Miranda can't believe it so she told Wendy to fly Peter and he won't be seen by Quincey, so Wendy calls her broomstick and she and Peter fly away from the evil warlock.

Meanwhile, Wendy fly Peter away from Quincey, while Miranda and the Witch Sisters can fight him as fast as they can, but Quincey calls his men to capture Miranda and the Witch Sisters and they did. After that, Wendy and Peter are safe from Quincey, but they see him and his men kidnapped Miranda and the Witch Sisters, so they have to find away to save them. Then Wendy got an idea so she and Peter need help from a good wizard who's a friend to Wendy's aunts.

Later, Wendy and Peter have made their way to meet Kaldoor the mighty wizard who teach Wendy's aunts all about magic. Kaldoor told Wendy and Peter that he always protect the young witches and young warlocks from being hurt and wanted them to be okay. He also said to them that he can help them rescue Peter's mother and Wendy's aunts from the evil Quincey and so they're off to Quincey's secret lare. Wendy, Peter and Kaldoor are on their way to the warlock lare and they see Quincey and his men have Miranda and the Witch Sisters in the cages, so they have something to do with those warlocks. Kaldoor told Wendy and Peter he'll distract them while they free Miranda and the Witch Sisters.

When Miranda and the Witch Sisters demanded that Quincey to let them go, but he won't because he wants to do something bad to Miranda and her son. Then suddenly, Kaldoor came in disguise and distraught Quincey and his men, while Wendy and Peter sneak into the lare and they free Miranda and the Witch Sisters. After they free them, Miranda and the Witch Sisters are glad that Wendy and Peter are okay, then suddenly Quincey and his men realize that a little witch and a boy have free an FBI agent and three witches because Kaldoor distraught them, so the battle is about to begin.

After that battle with Quincey's men, Wendy and Peter have to stop him before he doing something else, Wendy call her broomstick to make Quincey drop the his staff and it did. Wendy then break Quincey staff and he became ordering and he finally died. Peter hug Wendy for saving the day. Later, Kaldoor offer Wendy a reward for defeating Quincey by breaking his staff and her aunts are so proud of her for being grave. Back at the Witches Manor, Miranda and Peter interduce Grandmother and Grandfather to those witches and Grandfather was wrong that he didn't believe in witches, Wendy told him that some witches can do nice things and he and Grandmother understand that. As Miranda and the Witch Sisters show them around the house, Wendy and Peter took a ride on a broomstick and fly around once more and they lived happily ever after.


Cast Edit

  • Lara Jill Miller as Wendy the Good Little Red Witch
  • Sarah Natochenny as Peter Von Trapp
  • Grey Griffin as Gerti
  • Tara Strong as Gabby
  • Kari Wahlgren as Fanny
  • Vanessa Marshal as FBI agents Miranda Von Trapp
  • Dustin Hoffman as Grandpa Christopher Von Trapp
  • Glen Close as Grandma Emily Von Trapp
  • David Warner as Quincey the Warlock
  • Viktor Garber as Kaldoor the Great Wizard

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